What is the “maximum resolution” that Waterlogue Pro supports?

Waterlogue Pro renders watercolor images quickly and interactively while still being able to export high-resolution, printable files. 

To make this magic happen, Waterlogue use two separate resolution limits:

Working Resolution

The first is an internal, “working resolution” limit — used to render the paintings and previews shown in your Waterlogue Pro documents. In addition to allowing Waterlogue Pro to paint quickly, this resolution cap limits the “maximum detail” a painting can contain and allows Waterlogue Pro to simplify the painting much the way an artist will—so rather than “paint every leaf on a tree,” Waterlogue Pro will group leaves into simple shapes that represents clusters of leaves.

  • The internal limit for the iOS version of Waterlogue is currently 1,536 px with an export maximum of 3,584 px
  • The internal limit for Waterlogue Pro is currently 2,304 px with an export maximum of 16,384 px

    All pixel sizes represent the longest edge—the “maximum side”

The internal limit is controlled by the Paper Size control:

Waterlogue Pro offers paper sizes from 4″ to 18″

Export Resolution

The second limit is a separate “export resolution” limit—which can be much higher than the internal limit. This will allow you to save even small, 4″ paintings at printable resolutions. When exporting to a higher resolution image, Waterlogue Pro will interpolate the painting, adding edge-refinements and texture simulate the natural magnification of paint, pencil, and paper.

Waterlogue Pro has several “preset” export sizes:


These two images show the quality and detail of the painting and exported image:

This is an in-app rendering of a painting that uses the maximum working resolution of 2,304 px (18″ paper size)

This is the exported version of the above image, exported at 8,000 px (a bit shy of the maximum export size of 8,192 px)

For the exported image to achive the 8k export resolution, the source image was an 8k JPEG that Waterlogue Pro painted at the maximum internal resolution of 2,304 px. It was exported by choosing “Original” as the export size.