What is Start Here?

Start Here makes it easy to create attention-grabbing videos by moving the most attention-grabbing part of your video to the beginning.

When posted to social media sites like Instagram or Twitter, a Start Here video lets you catch people’s attention right away while they’re scrolling. As a result, there’s no need to label the video with text that says, “Wait for it…” anymore, in the hopes that people will stick around and watch.

Let’s say you have a video of your dog running and then leaping in the air to catch a ball. Start here will let you begin the clip at the moment they catch the ball. Then, when someone sees this video in their feed, they’ll instantly see how awesome that catch was. The video will then show the build-up to that catch—the running—so they can see the catch again, in the context of your entire video.

Some of this magic is made possible by social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. These sites loop posted videos, continuously playing them again and again. So as your Start Here video replays on these sites, your video no longer appears edited—it’s seamlessly rejoined to its original state!