Start Here doesn’t have a lot of features. Why?

Start Here fills a need that no other video app has met: quickly trim and resequence short video clips. There are many great video editing apps out there, and there’s no need for us to reinvent the wheel. Start Here’s strength is its simplicity. And because we don’t recompress your video, it’s safe to use after you’ve made edits in those other video apps.

While you are here, may we apologize for having too many features? When we began Start Here, we were not going to have a trim function, but we soon found out that it was convenient to trim a video in Start Here.

OK, but why not make Start Here a free app?

Hi! It’s John again—I started Tinrocket to follow my dreams and support my family. I do my best to create unique, high-quality, polished apps that people love. We create Paid apps because we don’t like the dark side of Free apps—annoying advertising or shady business practices like selling personal data. Proceeds from Tinrocket’s app go toward running the business, paying my salary, saving for retirement with my wife, supporting my elderly father, and buying stuffies for @MissMuddypenny.